Hot / Cold Packs

Reusable Hot – Cold Packs

Hot and Cold Packs

These reusable hot cold packs are fabulous!  They can be put in the freezer for a cold pack or put in the microwave for those times you need a hot pack.

They are made of soft flannel or cotton material (whatever pattern I happen to have at the time). Nice and soft for those times when you need a little extra comfort.  They are filled with rice, so you don’t have to wonder what that gooey material is from the store bought kind.  (What is that stuff, anyway?)

They come in 3 convenient sizes.  Sizes are approximate – I make them by hand, not a machine.

3″x4″ – perfect fit for hands –  $3.00

5″  x 5″ – our medium size — $6.00

71/2″ x 6″ – a larger size for bigger areas  — $8.00

Many uses:

Cool off on a hot day

Cold helps take the itch away from those pesky ‘skeeter bites

Helps soothe the boo boos

Heat up a cold bed (just place between the sheets)

Use instead of a heating pad — saves on electricity costs!

Throw them in your pocket on a cold day to keep your hands warm

Need a different size?  Email me and we’ll come up with it.  Currently, I have the colors shown in the picture.  So, hearts for a little girl, trains for a boy, frogs for either (hey, we love frogs!) and plain brown and a tan/white pattern for us adults.  Although, hey, I’m kinda partial to the frogs and fun fabrics.

I don’t guarantee patterns – just boy, girl or plain adult — less crazy for me and I can keep costs lower for you!

To order, either use the Pay Pal button at the side, or email me using the contact us button.