About Us

IMG_2317(1)So, here is where I’m supposed to tell you all about me and why I started Green Leaf Inspirations. Here is where I also laugh and say that I’m an introvert by nature and the thought of sticking the personal details of my life out on the web is horrifying.

But, I also want my little business to succeed, so here goes….

I owe this website and business to the support and encouragement of my friends and family. I’ve been green (and mostly allergy food free) since before it was the latest fad. I’ve suffered from various allergies and sensitivities pretty much all my life. A few of them severe, a few just rather annoying. If I had a dime for every time I heard “she’s just fragile” growing up I’d be stinking rich. I’m not fragile, I just have allergies. Just.

Enter adulthood and lots of conversations with my grandma (and some surrogate grammys) about the way life used to be. And so a life of trying to be simple, green, and healthier was born.

Over the years I’ve heard, “ooh, how do you do that,” or “you are making me look bad, can you leave a few stains in your clothes,” to lots and lots of “make me one of those, or some of that” to “more please” and “you should start your own business.” So, here we are. Selling green products like homemade laundry soap and talking about ways to save a little money and create a healthier life using herbal remedies and essential oils.

Oh, duh, my name is Suzan and I guess I should add that I have a fabulous husband and a wonderful daughter who are the best cheerleading section and reason for being of all. We live in Michigan.