Chicken Italian Soup

In taking a page from last week and the dinner menu, where I slipped and ate out a few times- tonight I made dinner that should get us through Tuesday, maybe Wednesday.  I had incentive, Friday’s dinner came complete with an allergic reaction that lasted into Saturday afternoon.  Seems my fish was contaminated with shellfish.  Either cross or on the same grill or something.  Don’t know, don’t care – last time I eat fish there.  Ever.  The shellfish allergy is one of my more unpleasant reactions.  So tonight, I made two dinners.  I apologize that I have no photos for you!  One was chili — timeless and particularly yummy tonight.

The other was a kind of white chicken italian soup. It originally started out as a white chicken chili when I first made it a few months ago.  I messed up and it somehow turned into a kind of chicken italian soup instead.  We really like it, though.  I’m glad I remembered what I did, and, wow, some mistakes are worth repeating!  I’m not real good at exact measurements when it comes to cooking, but this recipe is easy enough to follow along and adjust the seasonings to taste:

Chicken – (I usually use 2 boneless, skinless breasts), cube it up, fry it in a pan with olive oil. I also add :

Garlic powder or garlic salt (whatever ends up closest to my hand)  If I use garlic salt, I omit it below.
Italian Seasoning (yep comes in a spice bottle that way)
Salt and Pepper
Onions – I fry them till translucent – I always add more olive oil to fry them in.  I use a large onion.

Honestly, I add the spices till they look good.  I admit to also having a heavy hand with them.  I also have a tendency to add a little water to the pan when the chicken and onions are close to done. Don’t know why.

I then transfer that to a larger 5 quart pot.  I add 4 cups of chicken stock (Yeah, I buy a couple of different brands of the stuff in the containers – I like the organic kind, but get what works for your allergy needs if you got ‘em.)

Then I add 3 cans of beans — a mix of cannelini, and or northern, sometimes tri-blend (I think that is a kroger organic brand).  I’ve also done it with pinto beans.  I’m not picky, as long as they are light in color.

Again, I spice it to taste and I will also add water to make it a little soupier if I need to.

Overall, this is an inexpensive dinner for us – I always buy the broth and the beans on sale.  And I tend to stock up on them as we use them for a lot of different things.  That pot will serve probably 7 or 8 bowls – depending on your size, etc.  I figure that to be about $8.00 total, or a $1.00 a meal.  Pretty good in my book.

It could go further if we added it as a side dish.  It is also easy and quick to put together.  Another plus.

If you try it, let me know how it goes for you.



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  1. Hmm… soup is really so good for cold days! Thanks for the recipe :)

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