Creating a Dinner Menu

The good news is that I finally found a job!  Bad news is that I have to get back into a routine and with the little one back to school in a few days there is lots to do to prepare for all the coming changes.  School supplies are purchased and the backpack is ready to go.  Back to school clothes are all set, and since we are not morning people, clothes are selected in advance, usually the night before.  My thoughts have now turned to the Dinner Menu.

With going back to work, after-school activities, food allergies and other assorted challenges, this is an area I’ve been thinking about a lot.  On those really hectic days, eating out is not really an option.  We have too many food allergies and we just don’t have the budget for it.  So, I’m considering putting together a weekly or, let’s get really crazy, monthly menu plan.  I already purchase groceries in bulk (helps to capitalize on sales), so having the supplies (?)  shouldn’t be a problem.  Sticking to the plan might be.  But I figure if I go with a loose monthly plan, I can swap in and out where I need to.  The key will be actually getting it in writing (posted on the fridge?) So, some sample menu items are:

  • Scrambled eggs with turkey sausage is a fav in our house
  • Scrambled eggs thrown into a tortilla with meat and cheese is another
  • Meatballs (turkey) and rice (my hubby makes a fantastic dish that tastes sooo good)
  • Chili
  • Cowboy Beans (great recipe – made with turkey sausage – kinda like beans and cornbread or a white bean chili)
  • Quesadillas- (a suggestion from my friend, Jen)
  • Nachos – homemade refried beans, sometimes ground turkey, tomatoes, cheese, etc. over tortilla chips
  • Baked Potato Bar – yummy!
  • Hotdogs – the nitrate free kind of course.
  • Sandwiches – you name it, lunchmeat, pb and j, tuna
  • Spaghetti – killer recipe and my daughter’s favorite
  • Tuna casserole- made on the stove top; good hot or cold
  • Pancakes and bacon
  • Lentil bean Sloppy Joes – these are awesome, easy to make and meat free
  • Chicken stir-fry
  • Mac n Cheese and ham

I’m looking for more ideas to fill out a whole month’s worth with no repeats.  The goal here is quick, easy and nutritious.  We can work in more elaborate dinners when time and health allow.  But for now, I’m going for what can I do quickly when I get home from work.  We are an allergy household, so I also need to consider recipe modifications.   The largest majority of cooking at our place is from scratch – a must with the allergies, so some of these are healthier than they look.

So, two questions:

1)  got any other ideas?

2)  would you like me to expand on any of these to show you how we make them allergy free?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.



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  1. I’d love to try your recipe for chile! Do send if you want. :o)

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