The Porch Redo

I think I’ve finally finished the front porch redo.  Ok, as with a long-held, and borrowed, motto about not letting excellent get in the way of good enough — I’m considering it ready for prime time.

We purchased a foreclosed home so I’ve been slowly trying to revamp the front of the house.  I live on a corner and was tired of  ducking every time someone drove by.  I have a nice sized porch, but it was rather blah looking with no character, except for the overgrown bushes!  Not the image I want.


The trellis and bench

I wanted to add some height to the porch, so I started with an old, rather rusty trellis.  Then I pulled in a wrought iron bench that was also in need of a redo.   This was great, as neither cost me anything, they were items I already had so I think of it as recycling them.   Next came deciding on colors.   In keeping with my frugal nature, I have a good amount of paint from previous projects.   While I could reuse one or two for an accent color, I did discover that a trip to the local home improvement store was in order.  Out I came with 3 quarts of paint.  Two for the current project and one for a future project (hey, I was there and I consider it gas and time saved).  I also purchased some throw-away brushes.   Total cost was about $18.00.

porch redo2

I painted the trellis a metallic aged copper, it looks great, but I’ll talk more about my thoughts on that in a minute.   On to deciding the colors for the bench.   I decided on an almond for the bench seat and trim, with an orange for the back inset.  I pulled in the copper to tie the two together.  When I got done and took a look at the porch, the front door was screaming for help.  You can see it in the corner of the photo above – it was really faded and yucky.  So I gave that a redo with the copper and I think it looks great.

porch redo photo

pull it together

The finished project:


Now, about that copper trellis — I can’t help but notice that it fades into the brick a little too much.  I’m at a loss as to what to do, so I thought I’d open it up for suggestions.   Any thoughts on improving the trellis?  Use the comments box to let me know.

Oh, and by the way, the wooden chair is slated for a redo in the near future.  I plan to make it match the mailbox.

This was a great project.  It had a few too many rain delays, but I got to involve my daughter (who loves to paint), I got to recycle some hardscape items as well as old paint and the whole (porch) project probably cost me about $12.00.   And I’m so much happier with how my porch looks.

Now to speed up getting the bushes tamed!


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2 Thoughts on “The Porch Redo

  1. I love how the porch is turning out…hmmmm on some thoughts for you on the trellis. My first thought was maybe adding greenery to it? Then as I looked at it, I imagined putting the bench on the right, under mailbox and then painting the trellis white as well, only because the white pops well against the brick. Just a thought! :) I know you just painted it and copper is a great color. Also, I thought about the symmetry with that set up….white bench (shorter) under mailbox and then the white trellis on the other side with the brown chair in front. I love your porch and wish I could make mine pretty but I don’t have the same space. One last comment, and maybe it’s the photo, but your address blends as well. Maybe paint those? Then again, there are always cool pinterest ideas as to how to “label” your house! Ciao!

    • Suzan on July 13, 2013 at 8:58 am said:

      I never thought about putting the chair under the trellis — I’ll have to see how that looks today. Thanks! Oh, and yeah, the house numbers are slated for a redo too – they fell under the “good enough for now” thing.

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