Energy Savers Series – 2

Continuing the Energy Savers Series…some more tips to help you save money while you are saving energy.

The Doors:  do you need to replace the weather stripping?  This is inexpensive and easy to do and will help stop energy loss and drafts.  Think both the storm/screen door and the main door.

Why does stopping drafts make a difference?  When you eliminate drafts, your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable (or run as often).  And, as you enact these tips you might find that you can adjust the thermostat a few degrees – which again, will save you money.  Even one or two degrees in the thermostat makes a difference.   I’ve been able to adjust mine and it really does make a difference.  IMG_2361

Speaking of the thermostat – get a programmable one — change your setting while no one is home (school and work) and in the winter, drop the heat at night – you are sleeping and under covers and probably won’t even notice it.  Just program it to start warming up a little more before you wake up.

Running a Window Air Conditioner?  Make sure you use foam insulation around the window openings.  It is just a piece of foam cut in strips.  You just cut it to fit your needs (i.e. window width) and put ‘er in.

Block off rooms you don’t use.  So, close the vent, close the door.  This redirects airflow to rooms you do use.

Another tip — close closet doors.  Do you really need to heat or cool your clothes?

Window Film – this is a film that you can purchase to block the sun’s rays.  It keeps the heat out.  It is easy to install, just cut to fit and smooth it over your windows, like a window cling or those removable .  It also isn’t permanent, so if you are renting, it can come with you.  And it is tinted so you gain privacy as well.

Window Coverings – this is an upcoming project for a different blog, but my point here is to have them.   There are a ton of options here.  You can line them with a thermal covering to block out sun rays and drafts.  You can use a sheer fabric to filter the light – which in turns creates a cooler feeling in the room.   A simple sheer on a tension rod does the trick.  In a pinch, they even make the (admittedly cheesy) paper blinds.  They just stick to the window and you raise and lower them yourself and clip them open.  Where are they good?  Got a room you never use, like an upstairs where all you really need is to block the sun?  Perfect.  They are between $5 and $10.00.

I’ll got a few more energy savers to share….stay tuned for the next post in the series.


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2 Thoughts on “Energy Savers Series – 2

  1. Great tips! They will come in handy with the cooler weather coming.
    Thanks for sharing at the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop! Have a wonderful day!


    • Thanks – anything we can do to save a little money on those energy bills is welcome by me. I love your site, by the way – and the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop – so many great ideas.

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