Energy Savers Part 3

Well, curses!  I actually had this post on energy savers finished several days ago.  Just needed to add the finishing touches.  I was on the ipad and must have done something wrong, because I went to finalize things and it was gone.  I mean really gone.  It was a brilliant post and contained the secret to getting a million bucks in cost savings.  Wouldn’t you just know it?  And now it is just like my elusive lottery winnings.  It doesn’t exist.  All kidding aside, I had to start all over.

This is the last in my energy cost savings series.  We’ve taken a look at insulation, doors, windows and thermostats and more.  Today, I’ll share a few more tips to help you save money on energy costs:

Lighting.  Consider switching to the (not so) new energy efficient bulbs.  They make several different kinds, they look Efficient Lighting Optionbetter and have a range of pricing too.  I’ve switched over most of my house where I could.  This includes lamps, hallways and closets.  I remember telling my electrician that I didn’t want to switch the hallway by the stairs because of the slight delay in light.  I had to laugh when he asked if I were running races in my hallway.  I’ve known him for a long time, so I cleaned up the real sarcasm he used, but the point remains:  it only takes a sec and you get used to the delay quickly.  The best part, the changes dropped my electric bill by at least $5 a month in the old house and more in the new one.  Seems small till you add it up for a yearly figure of $60 to $100.00.

The new house also has a lot of recessed lighting.  The bulbs are on dimmers and old enough that they don’t work with the energy efficient bulbs.  Having new switches installed is not in the budget right now, so what to do?   Use table or floor lamps instead.  The strategy is working.  The other thing I’ve found is that if I turn OFF the dimmer light switches instead of just turning them down, the bill is cheaper too.  Small change adds up.

Pipe Insulation.  This is fairly inexpensive.  It can either be in tape form that you wrap around your hot pipes or in a Pipe Insulation Optionfoam that you just slip over the pipes.  The idea is that you don’t lose the heat from the pipes.  This keeps you from running the hot water longer than necessary, keeping your water bill down, as well as the gas to heat the water.   I’ve also started using it on the cold water pipes – same theory – except here, it seems like the water coming out of the tap is colder.  So, I don’t run the water too long to get it cold.

Ceiling Fans – or room fans if you don’t have ceiling fans.  Running them makes it feel either a few degrees colder in the summer or warmer in the winter.  Adjust the direction of the fan so that air rises in the summer and pushes down in the winter.  Cold air falls and hot air rises, hence the direction flow depending on the season.  This keeps you from adjusting the thermostat in ways that cost you money.

Did I leave any tips out?  What things do you do to save you money on the utility bills?


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