Busy Week!

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th and the weekend festivities continue to be fun.   It’s been a busy week for us.   My daughter learned to ride her two-wheeler, so we’ve been going on lots of bike rides.  If you followed my last post on inexpensive summer activity ideas, you’ll remember that this was one of the suggestions.  We’ve been having a great time exploring the neighborhood.  And another benefit?  Exercise for us.

We’ve also been working on redoing our front porch furniture. With all the rain in SE Michigan the past week or so, the project has encountered several rain delays.

Porch Redo Project

Sneak Peak Porch Preview

We are giving a rather rusty trellis, a metal bench and an old side table or two a new lease on life while giving our front porch some character.   The whole project is costing under $20 and is providing recreation and activity for my daughter as well.   I’ve given a sneak peek of before in the photo above.   We haven’t lived here for long, so another, longer-term project is to tame the overgrown bushes too.

The business is going well.  We had to make a new batch of laundry soap this week to keep up with orders.  A big thank you to all our friends who are helping to spread the word about our new little business.

Our Facebook page is now live – check it out at www.facebook.com/greenleafinspirations.  I’m excited to have that completed.   And, I created the page for the hot/cold packs!  CheckGreen Leaf Hot/Cold Pack it out under the “products” menu.  If you hover over the menu item, you’ll see both the laundry soap and hot/cold pack pages to choose from.  Now to get the Pay Pal button working for the new items.  Please bear with me in the meantime and use the contact us link to email us for orders.

With cleaning up after the rain, trying to finish the porch project, keeping up with the bike riding fascination, getting Facebook live, launching the new product page and all the other things that come with daily life, I think the next post will focus on ways to stay organized!  I’m feeling a bit challenged in that area lately.

How about you?  How do you stay organized when it gets busy?  What summer projects are you working on?   Use our comments link to let us know!



2 Thoughts on “Busy Week!

  1. Love that you are re-purposing porch bench/trellis! That is what I am in to these days! Picked up an old dresser in my sub, and it’s now ready and repainted for my son’s room! That’s what I’m doing this summer. I want to get even more creative tho. We have an old sink from my sis in law and I think we are going to fashion that into some kind of outdoor flower pot :)

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