Inexpensive Summer Fun Ideas – Part II

In my last post, I talked about low cost summer fun ideas — things like a membership to The Henry Ford.  We’ve been taking full advantage of ours.   I think our average this year so far is once per week.

We are also planning to visit the last day of the Trenton Mid-Summer Festival today.  Lots of things for the kids to do.

Other summer fun ideas include:

Greeen Leaf Inspirations- nail painting

Lady bugs!

Learn a fun new skill – we took up nail painting.  Ok, I took it up but my daughter is thrilled.  Another idea is face-painting.

With all the rain we’ve been having – go stomping in some puddles – or ride the bike through them – that was good for at least an hour this week!

Speaking of bikes, take a bike ride.

Sidewalk chalk.  Need I say more?

Have the kids help with a DIY project – paint the fence, redo the look of the porch.  It doesn’t really have to be perfect, they think it is fun, it builds their skills, is a perfect time for good ol fashioned conversation and you get a project off the list.

Summer reading (or other program) at the local library.

Scavenger hunt anyone?  Great way to teach the little ones about geography and their surroundings.

Came across a site on Pinterest the other day — really simple, fun ideas for science projects for kids — easy too.  Check them out here:

We arGreen Leaf Inspirations - Fireworkse also looking at the local fireworks displays.  Where is your favorite display?

All the fun summer activity has pushed the need for our homemade cold/hot packs to be pushed to the forefront. My little one likes to use them for booboos and mosquito bites.  She is right – the cold stops the itch.

Look for them as a new product soon.  I’m thinking extra small, small and medium sizes.  What do you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts – use the comments link at the top of the post.


PS — Check out the blog party that I’m participating in.  I’ve been following Amy at A Blossoming Life for a little while now — great posts and ideas I think you’ll like.




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