Green Leaf Inspirations

A place to find helpful information and inspiration for a simpler life; a greener life. VGreen Leaf Inspirations Homeisit our blog where we can share ideas to make our own little corner’s of the world more peaceful, fun, inspiring and, oh yeah, a little greener.

We discuss herbs, essential oils, DIY products and more all designed to make your life just a little easier, save you money and have a life filled with less chemicals for both you and the environment.

Somewhere in the mix, you’ll also find the ramblings of my brain as I journey down the road to be a little greener and simpler myself.

Just a nicer little corner of the world.

One last thing: the legal beagles in the world tell me that I need to disclose that I’m not a doctor. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a financial adviser. My inspirations, ideas, recipes, products and other ramblings of this site are of my own creation, unless otherwise referenced. Any resemblance to information found elsewhere in this world is coincidental.